DOLCA Stake Pool

Better Late Than Never is now part of DOLCA

Better Late Than Never (tickers BLTNA and BLTNB) was a Cardano Shelley Stake Pool on Cardano Incentivized Testnet, as one of the first 10 registered stakepools, our experience with incentivized testnet was great for both ourselves and our delegates. We've tested many Jormungandr features, discovered and fixed several bugs and helped plenty of pool operators get started.

However, we have decided that for the Cardano Shelley mainnet, it will be beneficial to join forces with other operators to provide even better service to our delegates, thus we have chosen DOLCA stakepool as our partner for the mainnet. We work closely with DOLCA pool operator, we engage in testing, provide supporting infrastructure and help with marketing efforts.

Why do we partner with DOLCA?

DOLCA stakepool is operated by an operator who lives in the same city as ourselves, we do have a close relationship with the operator and this partnership frees up our capacity so we can invest our effort into more beneficial activities, such as highly experimental testing of Cardano software, bug discovery, troubleshooting and code contributions none of which would be possible if we would also have to operate primary block-producing infrastructure on the mainnet. For more details about this decision, please see our press release.

Jormungandr Testnet

While we have joinded forces with DOLCA on the mainnet, we still operate separately on the Jormungandr testnet network, where we are the largest contributors, including coordination work thru Jormungandr Reboot Telegram channel.

About Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never stakepools on the testnet are still operated solely by 2ⁿᵈ Layer in partnership with our Infrastructure Provider PERLUR Group and Internet Service Provider PODA.